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Forensic Investigation Agency




PACIFIC WEST ASSOCIATES, INC. (PWA) is a consulting engineering firm providing specialized Engineering services in Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering for Architectural and facility/product applications.  PWA’s clients include:




Facility Managers,

Real Estate Professionals,

Recreational Vehicle Manufactures,

Tiny House Manufacturers,

Park Trailer Manufacturers,

Commercial Modular Manufacturers,

Pre-Cast Concrete,

Special Purpose Commercial Modular Manufacturers,

Manufactured Home/Multi Unit Manufactured Home Manufacturers,

Private Homeowners and others involved with both public and private facilities. 


PWA’s capabilities include the full range of structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering services.  PWA has extensive experience in the analysis and design of many different structural, mechanical, and electrical systems including both pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete, structural steel, masonry, and engineered wood design.


PACIFIC WEST ASSOCIATES, INC. works closely with its clients, architects and other engineering consultants as well as various state entities to coordinate and develop innovative, practical and economical engineering solutions.  The professional staff at PWA has both the training and experience to provide superior technical resources in order to meet the client’s needs.  PWA also believes that close and constant communication is critical to the success of any project.  Project communication can take any one of the following forms: hard copy or facsimile (FAX) correspondence, overnight letter or package delivery, telephone conference calls, electronic file transfer or, the most important form of good communication, the “old fashioned” face-to-face meeting.


PACIFIC WEST ASSOCIATES, INC. has been involved in a wide range of project types.  The firm and its professional staff have provided certified inspection and product design review to the Tiny Home, Recreational Park Trailer, and Recreational Vehicle field in both the public and private sectors.  In addition, PWA has a strong background in the investigation by Forensic Engineering of both catastrophic and non-catastrophic incidents involving Recreational Vehicles and similar product.  This experience in both recognized and specialized engineering practices strengthens PWA’s technical skills.  Maintaining certification as an approved inspection and design approval agency to the recreational vehicle industry is one of the areas where PWA has excelled by becoming one of the fastest growing companies in this area of expertise.  Our recreational vehicle clientele range geographically from coast to coast as well as Canada, Australia and China. 



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