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     Currently in the United States, the requirement for a Compliance/Certification label on an RV is recognized in all fifty States and the District of Columbia.  Additionally, there are certain States that maintain their own oversight programs and issue a required State-specific Certification Label.


     The Certification Label is a statement from the manufacturer or oversight authority that the product is manufactured to the applicable codes and standards. Those standards are the NFPA 1192 2015 Edition, (Recreational Vehicles) the ANSI A119.5 2009 Edition, (Park Models), and the National Electrical Code Sections 551 and 552 respectively. This certification label can be sourced from a Certified Agency such as PWA. or an Industry Association.


    The PWA label is not only a recognized certification mark, but additionally part of a more stringent, voluntary program on the part of the manufacturer.  The PWA label is administered to many manufacturers that are also members of an Industry Trade Association, but who are looking for more extensive engineering services as offered by PWA. In those instances, both the PWA mark and the Industry Association mark are present on the product. Additionally, a manufacturer in Oregon State or Washington State would apply either the Oregon State mark/tag or the Washington State mark/tag and not be required to apply any other insignia as both of those States marks/tags are recognized as well.  


    Any standing requirement by any lending institution or any insuring institution requiring only the Industry Association seal and/or prohibiting the other certifiying agencies marks/tags as part of the underwriting process is in direct conflict with not only the Certification Agencies engaged in providing their own marks/labels, but in direct legal conflict with those same bodies. A certification mark is not a mark of compliance to Industry Association membership, but a mark of compliance to the ANSI A119.5 2009 ED., the NFPA 1192 2015 Ed., and the NEC 2014 ED Sections 551 and 552 respectively. Additionally, requiring a manufacturer to become a member of any Trade Association, is illegal and in many cases, cost prohibitive to that manufacturer. 


   If you have any questions please give us a call here at PWA, (503)-970-1474.






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